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Martaş Automotive Is Once Again At ATR World Magazine, The Stage Of World Giants!

Martaş Automotive Is Once Again At ATR World Magazine, The Stage Of World Giants!

This month Martaş Automotive was in periodical magazine of ATR World Magazine which is published by the world's largest independent spare parts purchasing group ATR, with Auto Martashow / Anatolia and Turkey visit of ATR shareholders Tokić and Autonet.
From 120 M2 Store To Champions League: Martaş Automotive

From 120 M2 Store To Champions League: Martaş Automotive

Martaş Automotive which was established in a 120 m2 store in Lamartin Street by Hadi Ozalp in 1980, is one of the biggest independent automotive spare parts ditribution company that recently exports to 33 countries, Martaş Automotive which has got the vision holder approach from its roots, takes its name from the capital letters of Murat, Anadol and Tofaş those form Turkish car park in these years. Between 1980 and 1990, the car park of Turkey was very limited but in the later years Martas Automotive gained momentum as the car park improved. When we reached 2000’s service and availability became the biggest factor as the products variety grows fast.

2010 had become a milestone for Martaş Automotive and the management was taken over by Ziya Özalp and Baver Özalp who started the second generation of the company. With this coversion, the company started to change in a technologic and digital way. Logistic systems, B2B software and reporting systems blent company’s ‘Unconditional Customer Satisfaction’ motto with technology and developed a system based on productivity. This technologic and digital conversion converted Martas Automotive to a sales, marketing and distribution company which can manage 150.000 reference with a grown logistic culture.

Our shining stars

Votto, MGA and GRAT which are the main characters behind the rise of Martas Automotive, have their ‘Private Label’ products which are produced in high quality standards from raw materials to packaging and also very popular in the local and international markets.

Within Martas Academy which started its journey with ‘Human First’ motto, the company invests on its employees for their improvements and satisfaction, also aims to establish a bond with them and help them to improve themselves with continuous educative activities.

Martas Automotive which is a shareholder of ATR that is the meeting point of the biggest distributers of independent automotive spare parts industry with 22.5 billion Euro income and 38 shareholders, has announced this co-operation with the Champşons League concept in 2018 and had the capacity of power and experience in the local and international markets. The Logistic Centers those became the heart of the company had a big impact as Martas Automotive has been the leader of the industry and also they seem the biggest factor on the way of success. Martaş Automotive which provides services with the total of 31.000 m2 closed area in 4 different locations, aims to open two new distribution centers in 2019 and 2020. Martas Automotive which provides services to a wide car park and a various brands of mechanic parts for all the car models such as Reanult, Fiat Group, Ford, VGA Group, PSA Group, Japan-Korean Group, Mercedes and BMW, describes its 2020 vision as to become ‘the Amazon of the Automotive Aftermarket’. ‘’Unconditional Customer Satisfaction’’ Today Martas Automotive, with more than 300 experienced employees, over 150 international brands, nearly 150.000 reference, always growing product range and answering to all the demands of firstly its customers and business partners with ‘’Unconditional Customer Satisfaction’’ as it continues sustainable growing

What Changed With The Second Generation?

What Changed With The Second Generation?

For sustainable family companies, managing the transition between generations is the one of the most important factor.According to PwC Family Companies Research; one of the main problem for family companies is, the goal of the founder is not being able to followed and passed efficiently by the next generation. In the USA, 40 percent of the family companies comes to an end within first 5 year. 66 percent of the rest is also comes to an end or being passed into other hand in first generation. Family companies which succeed to reach to the second generation is not more than 20 percent.

Martaş Automotive is the one of the best example of these family companies that managed the transition between generations very successfully. Hadi Özalp who started his work life with selling spare parts in a small shop, assigned the management of the company which was run by him for 37 years to his sons Ziya Özalp and Baver Özalp in 2010. Two brothers didn’t only grow the sapre part business into a giant logistic business, they also carried the company to become the biggest in the industry with producing their own private label products, global partnerships and investing in technologies.

Contunies in Capital January...

Don’t Use Fake Products, Don’t Risk Your Life!

Don’t Use Fake Products, Don’t Risk Your Life!

As one of the biggest problem of automotive spare part industry, fake products keep causing difficulties to the people with the dangerous dimensions.

Specially in the last years, Because of the growth of manufacturing of the fake products, poses a danger for all vehicle users in the use, altough it doesn’t seem very important when looking from outside.

It is very important for the future of the industry to fight with the fake products.

Martaş Automotive that sustain its fight with the fake products, shares its 38 years experience with its business partners and never keeps any of the products in its stock without being sure of the originality of it.

Martaş, Renewed By Remaining Loyal To Its Roots!

Martaş, Renewed By Remaining Loyal To Its Roots!

Martaş growing within the frame of reliance, stability and quality principles from its foundation, developed its new corporate identity based on the same values, renewed by taking inspiration from its past and remaining loyal to its roots.

From its foundation in 1980 to today leading up to sectoral leadership, Martaş was built on reliance, stability and quality values. Martaş has built its logo with modern, geometric and clear line on these values which carry importance for all of its partners.

Martaş Otomotiv General Manager Ziya Özalp noted that logo was adopted in a very short period of time;

“Our goal in the process of renewing our corporate identity; is to show the loyalty of Martaş, developing continuously and investing in itself and in the sector, to its roots and to the values who makes us; us. With this goal, we hanged on to our roots, and made a study on our defining values of reliance, stability and quality Our renewed corporate identity made us and more importantly our suppliers fairly happy. This sense of ownership emerged from the first day of the launch will be our most important guide.“

Martaş carrying the inspiration it has received from the past to its new corporate identity with all respect and sincerity, positioning the letter “M” as the icon of the brand, continues its approach to all of its partners by saying “ let us be a part of you” without compromising its style of the first day.

Martaş, Köklerine Bağlı Olarak Yenilendi! Martaş, Köklerine Bağlı Olarak Yenilendi! Martaş, Köklerine Bağlı Olarak Yenilendi! Martaş, Köklerine Bağlı Olarak Yenilendi! Martaş, Köklerine Bağlı Olarak Yenilendi!
Spare Parts Distribution Giant Martaş is 35 Years Old!

Spare Parts Distribution Giant Martaş is 35 Years Old!

Martaş Automotive Spare Parts, meeting the spare parts requirements of a very wide geography from Turkey to Europe and Central Asia, celebrates its 35th year in the sector with its business partners from all over Turkey under the name of Auto Martashow event.

Business partners of Martaş such as Federal Mogul, Gates, Mann Filter, KYB, NGK, Rapor and Shapper Group have also supported the celebration ceremony held at the newly opened Gebze Logistics Center of Martaş Otomotiv which has been founded in a small store in Istanbul and has become one of the global players of the world automotive spare parts sector today with its slogan “We want to be a part of you”.

Martaş Otomotiv CEO Ziya Özalp, made the opening speech, thanked over thousand business partners who have attended the event and gave information about Martaş Otomotiv and Auto MartaShow organization.

Ziya Özalp stating that they want to introduce Gebze Logistics Center which was accomplished in February 2015 to the business partners under the name of “Auto MartaShow”, said “we wanted to thank you in person and to gather under the roof of our company MARTAŞ growing with your confidence and with our valuable fellow workers.” As you all know, my dear father Hadi Özalp leaves 35 years behind in the chairmanship of the Board of Directors and even more importantly MARTAŞ leaves behind the 35th year in the automotive spare parts sector.In respect of automation, technology and institutionalization in the new period; I follow our dear father who made belonging, trust and stability, the most important values of the “family” notion, the unchangeable vision of MARTAŞ. And my dear brother Baver Özalp follow his footsteps with his international vision and experience.

Ziya Özalp stated that Martaş celebrates its 35th year in the Turkey Automotive Spare Parts Industry with a magnitude of six billion dollars by protecting the family values such as stability, loyalty and reliance. He said “As Martaş, we aim to increase our investments in the sector and to continue our pioneer role by focusing on sustainability, automation and technology. As a close follower of new technology and trends, we have chosen the family values as “indispensable” at the point of institutionalization, development and growth of Martaş. In this process, we determined our organization structure with this vision and we have gathered more than 150 fellow workers working in our Gebze Logistics Center in 6 main units.”

Ziya Özalp said," We would like to thank our suppliers of over 150 national and international and our business partners who are here with us today with their support while speaking of a valuable 35 - year formation that we think is also important to you as much as it is important to us. I owe KYB Dampers, Mann Filter, Gates, Rapro, NGK, Schaeffler Group and Federal Mogul firms, their valuable executives and workers a debt of gratitude. Our valuable business partners have taken their places in the hall with a great excitement to get together with you at their stands”

Yedek Parça Dağıtım Devi Martaş 35 Yaşında! Yedek Parça Dağıtım Devi Martaş 35 Yaşında! Yedek Parça Dağıtım Devi Martaş 35 Yaşında!
Human First

Human First

Martaş Academy is conscious of the fact that the key of success is human, supports each manager and employees with the personal and managerial development programs that they need, and identifies the areas of competency development of employees in line with the comprehensive needs analysis carried out each year. According to these development needs, it provides the inclusion of personnel in training and development programs designed in accordance with the corporate climate. Martaş Automotive aims its' employees to build stronger ties and improve themselves through continuous training. Martaş Automotive is proud of being the first in the sector with the application of Martaş Academy. The first organization of Martaş Academy was done in Bursa with Strong Communication Motto on 2018. After first Martaş Academy event in Bursa, the second event was organised with motto of "Motivation Together to Strong Future" in Ankara, Martaş Family gathered again.

The third event of Martaş Academy "From Past to Today Martaş" was held in Istanbul on March 12 - 13, 2019 with the participation of the staff coming from many cities of Anatolia. The first day of the event started with a barbecue party held in Istanbul Central Office and continued with special events held in Ataşehir Watergarden. The presentations of Ziya Özalp and Cem Baver Özalp on the 2019 vision and organizational structure were followed with an interest by the participants. While Martaş Automotive Chairman Hadi Özalp was explaining the unknown things about how the company had arrived this point from the establishment up to today with "Past to Present Martaş" speech, all participants had really emotional moments. Martaş Automotive employees who attended the bowling tournament after dinner had a fun time until the late night. The second day was continued with the Motivation and Teamwork event held at Ataşehir Sheraton Hotel. In the presentations and activities prepared by Motivation Coach Nilsen Özbarlas, the message "We are stronger together" was given. After the event, Ziya Özalp, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a motivational speech, he told that "As Martaş Automotive, they aim to have colleagues which ensuring the Martaş Family values, advancing with leadership vision, conducting sensitive works with the sense of social responsibility, having a high teamwork awareness and a strong professional equipment" and continued his words stating that 'Martaş Automotive 's most valuable capital is its' strong human resources, namely employees'. It is foreseen that the Martaş Academy, which made a quick start in 2018, will continue with the necessary organizations and trainings in 2019 without slowing down. Within Academy, professional support is provided to the employees with the corporate trainings and foreign language courses that continue every week. Martaş Automotive’s aim is to make all employees to ensure the company's values, focus on the customer, advance with the leadership vision, conduct sensitive work with a sense of social responsibility, and have strong team awareness and professional knowledge equipment by adopting the term 'Being from Martaş' will continue to make significant investments within this scope.