Martaş Automotive has established Martaş Academy based on the motto 'human first' and has made continuous investments in this parallel, in order to ensure the development and satisfaction of the inner customers, employees. It has brought into life many practices that are the firsts of the Automotive Aftermarket industry in Turkey. With Martaş Academy, Martaş Automotive aims to establish stronger bonds among its employees and to help them improve themselves through trainings and it takes pride in being the first in the industry with this practice. Martaş Automotive intends to have all its staff adopt the company values by 'being a member of Martaş', take the customer to their focus, progress with the vision of leadership, carry out activities with social responsibility and become powerful individuals with high team work consciousness and advanced professional skills and it makes significant investments in this parallel. The most precious resource of Martaş Automotive in this framework is, its powerful human resource, that is, its employees. Employees of Martaş Automotive are the exclusive inspiration of the performance, energy, vision and distinction of Martaş Academy. We put “Change Management”, “Sustainable Growth” and “Social Benefit” in the heart of all our activities when we actualize our objectives.


Our most important criterion throughout the recruitment process is a candidate’s compliance with our institutional culture and values. Job applications to our company are evaluated on the basis of open positions. Candidates with the required qualifications are then invited for an interview held by the Human Resources Department. Candidates go through at least two interviews where the positions’ respective managers are involved. After the first interview, the candidates take a foreign language test, a numerical and verbal ability test, and a personality inventory evaluation. After this stage, the Human Resources team and the relevant department manager conduct a second meeting with the successful candidates in order to evaluate their compatibility with our common values, adaptation to our institutional culture, and competencies. Our managers are part of the whole process. They get to know our candidates better and work effectively with the Human Resources team to choose the most suitable candidate.

Martaş Otomotiv active advertisements, career opportunities can be accessed through career portals or you can forward your message to us by filling in the form below insankaynaklari@martas.com.tr you can send e-mail

LIFE at Martaş


Every day in the Martaş Family, the development is open to learning, sometimes you continue to learn at a school, sometimes you will return to your childhood; you will continue to grow with Martaş values ​​for short. Maybe that is why the vast majority of employees are in Martaş for many years.


The Martaş employee sees himself as a part of the Martas Family. Adapted to the company thanks to the orientation trainings that have been shown since the beginning of the work.


Every year internship applications open in April for vocational school students and in May for university students. University students spend five days a week in summer (June to September) and high school students spend three days a week in winter (September to June) at our Headquarters. If university student trainees would like to continue working at Martaş Automotive after they graduate, they will be considered for Assistant Expert positions as per our units’ needs.